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Is India becoming a space superpower?

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

We all know the achievements of ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization over the years, but the demand for rocket launches is increasingly going up and there aren't enough suppliers to meet this demand.

In the U.S. we have SpaceX which is expensive and busy most of the time.

Then we have China and Russia which are slowly being isolated because of geopolitical situations like war and India realized this opportunity just in time.

In 2020, the government privatized India's space sector, leading to the birth of companies like NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) which launched satellites for 52 global clients just last year and made a revenue of $210 million. Then we have Skyroot Aerospace which last year became the first private company in India to launch a rocket in space.

Also recently, on 26th March 2023, ISRO launched its Oneweb India-2 Misson from SDSC Shriharikota. This is the second launch for UK based OneWeb group and 6th successful launch of ISRO’s LVM3 vehicle. The space economy is growing rapidly. It's going to become worth $600 Billion by 2025 and India is playing a key role in dominating this market.

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